Mom/Dad & Baby Yoga (3 months - 12 months)

A unique class that brings yoga & play together to nurture the bond between parent & child while helping you get back into shape. Classes will include asanas to help with posture & core strength, as well as calming restorative time. Learn baby yoga exercises to strengthen growing muscles, aid in digestion and assist in motor development. Dads welcome too! All levels. 

Toddler Yoga (1-3 years)

A fun and engaging environment to introduce toddlers to yoga. Classes incorporate music & songs as well as puppets & stories while we learn about yoga & our bodies. Bring your imaginations while we moo in cow pose, meow in cat pose, walk like giraffes and stretch like tigers! Parent & Child class. 

Kids Yoga (3-5 years)

A great way to introduce age-appropriate poses for kids, using our imaginations to embody various animals and objects. Every week is a new adventure! Classes incorporate music & games & storytelling. This class also introduces visualization & relaxation. 

Kids Yoga (5-9 years)

This class is designed for the children to learn through play & games in a way this age group can appreciate. It is provides a fun environment to develop a kids yoga practice, exploring flow & challenging poses & inversions, as well as learning more about our bodies and the importance of relaxation. 

Tween/Teen Yoga (10-14 years)

A yoga class designed specifically for tweens & teens. As well as using yoga to improve strength, flexibility and concentration, this class incorporates more physically challenging postures and flowing sequences, as well as breathing exercises and visualization techniques. Positive self-awareness and esteem are encouraged. 

Family Yoga (4 & up/7 & up)

A yoga class for the whole family. Classes taught each week based on participants, but there is always something for every age group. Music, games, & fun for all. Group & Partner Poses are emphasized. 

Special Programs

Storytime Yoga, Downward Doll Yoga, Bedtime Yoga, Pajama Yoga, Glow in the Dark Yoga (Glowga), Bedtime Yoga, Birthday Parties, etc. 

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