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“She is creative, energetic and entertaining, all while creating an environment that is safe for children to learn and grow to their fullest potential!” – Winter 

“Thank you for making my children love yoga and helping them on the road to a healthy lifestyle.  My kids love yoga with Adra.” – Sarit

“My advice as a mom: if you want your kid to attend yoga classes you should choose a professional teacher – Adra Lemos… the one I trust, the one who introduced the magic world of yoga to my son.” – Marina 

"We met Adra when my oldest daughter was 2.5 years old at a mommy & me yoga class.  My daughter is now 8 and has continued to do yoga with Adra.  My second daughter, now 4, also plays yoga with Adra. She has an amazing presence, and a great approach to teaching yoga to kids that makes yoga fun for them! We love Adra!" - Elina